The Walkthrough Is

A small independently run shop in Crystal palace, loving life and the world we live on. Our role is to provide high quality locally sourced and affordable home care and house goods along with self care products in the most environmentally friendly way.

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All our products are

Sourced as locally as possible
Environmentally conscious
Have zero plastic packaging
From small companies
Organic, where relevant
Vegan and cruelty free
Built on trust

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Our aims are

To provide the community with affordable high quality earth friendly products, prioritising locally made and locally grown

For all products to be reliable and on closed loop systems

To ensure that every product on our shelves is single use plastic free and refillable

To continue to work with local makers to help them expand and grow their businesses

To be a place to help educate, inform and connect with one another to know more about living in harmony with nature.

Organic everything!

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