The Walkthrough is an independently run shop in Crystal palace, providing the local community with affordable options for natural and organic cleaning and wellness refills as well as other organic food products.

We are dedicated to the ethical sourcing of materials, while having fun exploring in the process. We are a place for those who want to improve their way of life, learn new things and care for the planet at the same time.

Past & Future

Our Story

Rebecca met Cosmo in 2017 volunteering at the fareshares co-op in Elephant and castle. Cosmo had done the ground work of creating ‘Roots and Cycles’ and filled a gap in the market (quite literally) operating a cleaning refills space in the middle of the Crystal palace food market.

When Cosmo decided to close and head to the highlands of Scotlands, Rebecca insisted on keeping the shop running for the community as we were the only shop in the area offering refills. She took ownership of ‘the shop’ in October 2018.

The shop took on the official name of ‘The Walkthrough’ in early 2020 and has expanded into sourcing out raw ingredients without packaging along, with medicinal herbs, essential oils and health and skin care product making.

In November 2021, The Walkthrough aquired sister store, The Store cupboard and have branched out into sourcing organic dried food goods, from all things grain to fruits.

Our Vision

We envision a world where individuals are sparked with a curiosity to ask where the produce and products they have at home come from.

We want to contribute to a world where children are nurtured and raised to understand the connection we have to the earth.

We want to inspire individuals to take personal responsibility for caring for themselves and the planet and to inspire small changes which lead to individual and collective actions that create long term changes and progressive developments that are harmonious with nature. And we want to be able to do all that while making it genuinely affordable to live a lifestyle that works with nature.

If we can show everyone how much cheaper it can be to be environmentally conscious, then we are definitely on the right path.

Principles & Values

Locally Produced

We prioritise makes that are made by locals, mostly in South London, and some from around London and beyond. Ideally, we stop where the land meets the sea, but that’s not always possible, so we then have to think about….


Is it biodegradable, recyclable and can it be reused? We don’t want packaging that damages our environment. We seek out all ways in which packaging can be reduced or eradicated. We encourage our makers to make their products available for refill, and we won’t accept any products which is wrapped in plastic, especially the single use kind.

Company Size

We prefer to stock products from companies that have no more than 15 employees, unless it is a product (like Aluminium foil) that requires large scale manufacturing processes. It helps keep the human touch in tact and ensures full engagement with their market. Any wiff of ‘corporate’ vibes and we wave goodbye.


If it involves plant materials, we seek them out without the use of chemicals and pesticides in their growing processes. Organic farming practices are encouraged and we love to see organic certification. Certification is expensive and small businesses can’t always afford it despite practising organic farming and agriculture, so we talk to producers to know exactly how they do things so we know organic is at heart.

Environmental Consciousness

How much has the person or the company really thought about the impact of their product. We want makers who have considered all angles when they make and deliver their products, and expect them to have made choices based on researching as many perspectives as possible.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Absolutely none of our products have been tested on animals or have any animal derivatives in them.

In Action

Our Research Process

Once we discover a new product, we have a set criteria of questioning for makers and suppliers. Here are some of the things we usually ask.

  • Where are you based?
  •  How many staff do you have? Do you pay a living wage?
  • Where are your ingredients sourced from, and are they organic? Can you send proof of certification?
  • Are you able to pack products without plastic for delivery? In London, is there an option for by hand delivery/collection?
  • If non refillable; will you consider selling us your product without packaging and/or as a refillable if we can provide the containers?
  • Can we visit you? (This is always the fun part).

Aims / Mission

Provide the community with affordable high quality earth friendly products, prioritising locally made, locally grown and organic.

  • For all products to be refillable and on a closed loop system.
  • Ensure that every product on our shelves is single use plastic free.
  • Continue to work with local makers to help them expand and grow their businesses.
  • Organic everything!
  • To help educate, inform and connect with one another to know more about living in harmony with nature.
  • To encourage and lobby suppliers to ditch the plastic and consider refill options as the only option.
  • To get involved in local campaigns and spearhead change on environmental issues on both a local and national levels.