Banishing the hungry ghost

There is always room to ponder over war fare, child labor, chemical fertilisers and unfair working conditions. And while I don’t watch the news, I keep a eye out for the activities of big businesses, manufacturers, and farms, and tend to look at whether they are working with nature or turning away from it. I try to focus on the positive actions of others, so that I may be inspired to create myself, but occasionally I need to dabble in the darker side of humanity so I can keep my awareness levels in check and acknowledge the problems to which humanity faces.

Uses for Chamomille hydrosol

What is a Hydrosol? Hydrosols or floral water is what is left over after the water or steam distiliation of essential oils. Under heat, the distilled water turns to steam and extracts the essesntial oils of the plant and eventually condenses back into water, but having moved through the plant matter, the water captures other…