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Wooden dish brush, with replaceable head

Whole brush £5.50, replaceable head £3.50
Eco Livings biodegradable dish brush handles and replaceable brush heads are completely plastic free. Handmade by a small family company in Germany from locally grown beech wood and plant based bristles.


Made in Germany, based in Surrey.


Mum of two, Jo started Eco Living back in 2014. Now with a team, she creates zero waste, plastic free, vegan products with a love for all things reusable. They are based in the UK, carbon neutral, and donate a portion of their profits to Eden Projects and 1% For The Planet. Offering a range of kitchen, bathroom, and home products that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. The majority of their products are either made in the UK or in Germany and we trust that they’ve done their research.

How To Use It

Allow the brush to dry completely in between uses.


To change the head of a dish brush:

Pull on the handle and hold the metal clip. When the clip is released, slide the head out of the metal clip. Then replace the head and insert the metal clip back into the handle. When the head is removed from the handle for the first time you may need to wiggle the metal clip as you pull it out of the handle. This will loosen the area if it feels a bit stiff.

How To Dispose Of It

Both the bristles and the handle are biodegradable and can be composted.

At the end of its life, the metal clip needs to be removed and can be put in metal recycling.


The handle is made from locally grown beech wood. 100% FSC® certified

Bristles: Tampico fibre