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Wooden bath brush with replaceable head

£15.00, and £9.50 for head
For the hard to reach places. Ex foliating and cleaning. The head can also be used for body brushing as part of Swedish massage. We also sell the heads seperately when they need replacing, or as a stand alone product for dry brushing.

Why We Stock It

Eco living as an easily accessible wholesale resource for environmentally friendly products and we order in trust the them having already done their best research.


Based in Surrey, Brushes made in Germany


Mum of two, Jo started Eco Living back in 2014. Now with a team, she creates zero waste, plastic free, vegan products with a love for all things reusable. They are based in the UK, carbon neutral, and donate a portion of their profits to Eden Projects and 1% For The Planet. Offering a range of kitchen, bathroom, and home products that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. The majority of their products are either made in the UK or in Germany and we trust that they’ve done their research.

How To Use It

The brush head can be removed and replaced when needed. Remove the head and make it a hand held brush when using for easier to reach places or for body brushing.

Hang to dry after use.

How To Dispose Of It

Brush is compostable and will biodegrade in nature.

Health Benefits

Body brushing is a great way to stimulate the skin and muscles. Helps combat dead skin while also getting your blood flowing.Useful for getting rid of cellulite too.


FSC® beech wood.