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Washable sponge cloths, 4 pack

The cloths do not emit micro-plastic pollution, unlike classic sponge cloths. Their durability makes them especially great as they can simply be put in the wash and reused multiple times without you needing to get rid of them. Certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100.Size: 172 × 200 mm

Why We Stock It

Why use something plastic for cleaning when we can use natural fibres 🙂


Based in Surrey


Mum of two, Jo started Eco Living back in 2014. Now with a team, she creates zero waste, plastic free, vegan products with a love for all things reusable. They are based in the UK, carbon neutral, and donate a portion of their profits to Eden Projects and 1% For The Planet. Offering a range of kitchen, bathroom, and home products that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. The majority of their products are either made in the UK or in Germany and we trust that they’ve done their research.

How To Use It

  • Wet the sponge cloth then squeeze it and use for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and all around the house, or hands while out. Rinse the cloth after use.
  • Wash: Dishwasher safe or washing machine. The cloths can be washed at 30-60c, line dry. Reuse over and over again, then home compostable after use.


How To Dispose Of It

Can be home composted after use.


70% cellulose and 30% cotton