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Toilet brush

Toilet brushes that won’t harm the earth. Handmade in Germany by a small family company, that has been making brushes for decades. Small and large sizes.

Why We Stock It

A toilet brush made from wood can be hard to come by so we thought we would stock them. Cleaning with natural fibres also helps avoid sending micro plastic down the drain.


Handmade in Germany for Eco living, Based in Surrey.


Mum of two, Jo started Eco Living back in 2014. Now with a team, she creates zero waste, plastic free, vegan products with a love for all things reusable. They are based in the UK, carbon neutral, and donate a portion of their profits to Eden Projects and 1% For The Planet. Offering a range of kitchen, bathroom, and home products that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. The majority of their products are either made in the UK or in Germany and we trust that they’ve done their research.

How To Use It

Allow the brush to dry completely in between uses.

We opted to not sell a holder for the brush as we figured there are creative things you can use to keep it in place.

How To Dispose Of It

Compostable and biodegradable.


The handle is made from FSC® certified beech wood.

Large brush bristles: Union Fibre, is a mixture of Tampico (from the agave cactus) and Palmyra(from the base of the leaf stalks of the India palm tree)

Small brush bristles: Natural coir/tampico bristles (from coconut fibre and the agave cactus)