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Rosemary, Salvia rosmarinus, (organic)

30p per 10g
A staple herb in Mediterranean cooking, Rosemary leaf is widely used to flavour food, but it was also valued in many cultures for its health properties. It grows narurally in the UK and is an easy one to collect yourself, but if you fancy the readiness of already dried leaves, we got you.

Why We Stock It

We trust our supplier.  They know their plants well and have an expert of knowledge. Anything we want to know, there is always someone on the other side of the phone who will talk to us about what’s happening at the farm and every detail (even the quality of the soil).


Wild harvested from Spain and Turkey


Organic herb trading.

They  have been trading since 1982 and have a great reputation for the quality and sourcing of their herbs and other medicinal and aromatic plants. They also have a biodynamic farm based in Somerset where they grow some of their own native plants and hold full organic certification.

How To Use It

Great for potatoes!

Can also be brewed as a herbal infusion and the tea smelled to help stimulate the mind and sharpen the memory.

How To Dispose Of It

Eat it!

Health Benefits

Herbal applications for Rosemary have included the treatment of wounds, and indeed Salvia Rosmarinus contains rosmarinic acid, which has demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial activities. Rosemary leaves may also help lower blood sugar levels.


Wild harvested Rosemary