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Reusable face and baby wipes

£1.50 face wipe single, £1.70 for baby wipe. 5 face wipes for £7.50
Reusable face and baby wipes made from off cuts making children clothes. These wipes can be used for a variety of things.

Why We Stock It

Super cute patterns! And of course we love that all the wipes are made from off cuts – nothing goes to waste.


Woolwich, South East London


Lisa and Jo specilise in making baby and children’s wear that is created to last – all their clothes are made to be adjustable as children grow. We started stocking Craft pear products in 2019. Crafty pear had a small shop in a children’s play centre hidden away on an industrial estate in Woolwich, but closed the shop during the coronavirus lockdowns – they are now fulfilling orders from home.

How To Use It

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How To Dispose Of It

Cotton will decompose naturally in nature, but with proper care will last many many years


Sustainable cotton.