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Raw granulated sugar, organic

49p per 100g
Organic cane sugar high polarity. Nutritional grade for human consumption produced of organic cultures of the sugar cane. Not Genetically modified

Why We Stock It

If you’re going to eat sugar, you want it to be organic and unbleached




Supplied via Infinity whole foods

How To Use It

  • Will store for at least 18 months if stored in a sealed container, in a cool dark place.


Organic Sugar 100%

Nutritional Information
Typical values (per 100g)
Energy kcals 400
Energy kj 1700
Protein 0.5g
Fat 0.06g
of which Saturates 0.04g
Carbohydrates 99g
of which sugars
Salt 0.025g
Fibre 0.04g