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Oolong green tea, (Camellia sinensis), organic

90p per 10g
Our organic and Fairtrade, Oolong teas are a great option with which to begin a journey of tea discovery – partially fermented, they fall between Green and Black teas in both look and flavour.


Chinese Shui Xian Oolong tea is produced in northern Fujian in the mountainous area of Wuyi where the tea is well known for its smooth and floral taste.

How To Use It

The leaves can be infused multiple times and produce a tea that is accessible, with a wonderful depth of flavour that is rich and delicious.

To make one cup:

Brew 1 tea spoon for 3 mins with water at 95 degees.

Health Benefits

The tea from Shui Xian is very high in the natural antioxidant polyphenol, more than many vegetables considered high in antioxidants.