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Nettle leaf, (Urtica dioica), organic

54p per 10g


Wild harvested, and fair wild certified from Poland


Sourced via Organic herb trading

How To Use It

Brew an infusion with a tea spoon of leaves or add some to a smoothie

Health Benefits

  • Its an adapatagen, helping us cope with change
  • Full of vitamins B, C and K.
  • Contains Rutin, is a well-known blood vessel integrity enhancer.
  • Can help stop the formation of kidney stones
  • Full of cholophy, it’s suggested the nettle is haemopoeitic, helping build new red blood cells. – known to be high in iron
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of hayfever, and in some cases eradicate it all together. Take nettle every day for a few months before hayfever season to get the best results