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Natra care non applicatorTampons

Organic, chlorine and perfume free all natural non applicator tampons. We sell our tampons at the same price we buy them for because we don’t quite feel right about profiting on menstrual products we don’t need.

Why We Stock It

  • We really wanted only to have reusable options in the shop when it comes to menstrual products but after conversations with customers, we realised that sometimes health circumstances dictate needing different products. We realised we didn’t want to exclude anybody for accessing natural menstrual products so natracare came into the shop.
  • We’ve avoided applicator tampons as we encourage women to be more in touch with their own bodies. Not only is an application a one time use material (cardboard or not), it also separates us from being in contact with the more intimidate parts of our own bodies.


Made in the UK


Natracare have been making menstrual products which are plastic free, chlorine free, perfume free, organic cotton, and biodegradable, since 1989.

Their entire supply chain, from raw materials to processing, shares in their commitment to manage and monitor resources respectfully and ethically.

How To Use It

From the natracare website FQA:

How do you use non-applicator tampons?

Non-applicator tampons are easy to use when you get the hang of it! With clean and dry hands, unwrap the tampon by tearing the coloured strip and pull the wrapper from both ends of the tampon. Do a quick safety tug on the tampon string to made sure it’s securely attached to the tampon. Now, hold your index finger to the base of the tampon, flaring the cotton a little.

With your other hand you might want to open the folds of skin around the vagina so you can push the tampon well into your vagina easily. Aim to push upwards and backwards towards the small of the back. If you can still feel the tampon, it might need pushing a little further inside. The tampon string should remain outside the vagina, easily accessible and ready for removal.

How To Dispose Of It

Organic cotton tampons can be composted or put in the food waste bin or general rubbish as they will natural break down and biodegrade. We do not suggest them being flushed down the toilet.

Please see this post on How to compost tampons

Wrapper: We are happy to collect tampons wrappers for recycling with Frist Mile



Tampons: Certified organic cotton

Wrapper: BPA-free widely recycled plastic

Packaging: Recycled cardboard