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Nam lam black tea (Camellia sinensis), organic

46p per 10g
Our Nam Lanh is a very special Fairtrade Black tea from the Yên Bái region of Vietnam. Rich tasting, slightly earthy, smooth finish.


Wild harvested in Vietnam.

Indigenous to the region, some of the wild trees from which the tea is harvested are thought to be more than 300 years old. They have deep roots that can access minerals in the soil which give the tea its characteristic flavour and long after-taste. The Hmong and Dao communities in this area of Vietnam have been harvesting wild tea for their own use for generations, and each village has a communal tea processing drier. These communities are now able to make valuable incomes from selling the fresh leaves, benefitting from the Fairtrade relationships that also allow them to command higher premiums.


Organic herb trading.


How To Use It

Enjoy Nam Lanh with or without milk.

To make one cup:

Brew 2 tea spoons for 3 to 5 mins with water at 95 degees.

The same tea leaves can be brewed up to another two times.

How To Dispose Of It

Can be composted


100%  Camellia sinensis, warm air dried