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Moon cup

Reusable menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone, designed to for comfortable periods and reducing waste.

Why We Stock It

  • Moon cup was the orginal mentrual cup and we respect them for it. They launched the cups when mainstream wasn’t ready to talk about periods yet and set the stage for the conversations that are happening now.
  • We love that Moon cup use their profits to support charities, the majority which are focused on tackling period poverty both in the Uk and abroad.


Made in the UK.


Moon Cup, the first sanitary product manufacturer in the world to be certified as an ethical business. Launched in 2002, the Moon cup has caused a revolution in how women can experience their periods. They are employee owned and have an entirely female team, plus two office dogs and are based in Sussex.

How To Use It

Rather that us explain it – here’s a link straight from the Mooncup ladies themselves — https://www.mooncup.co.uk/how-to-use/

How To Dispose Of It

In an email communication with MoonCup, the following response was sent, “In regards to recycling, due to the nature of the Mooncup collecting blood, it is particularly tricky as there are restrictions on recycling products that are unfortunately classified as ‘offensive waste’. We are also currently not aware of any facilities in the UK for recycling medical grade silicone. When the time comes and you no longer need your Mooncup, we can understand preferring not to dispose of it in the bin, an alternative is to burn it in a well-ventilated space or an open fire (make sure you follow usual fire safety precautions). Because medical grade silicone is a thermoset material, it doesn’t melt when it’s burnt but turns to ash.” “our factory have informed us that disposing of the Mooncup® by burning it will not give off any toxic fumes and will only result in a white silica based powder. “


Made from medical grade silicone. Its is suitable and safe to use with people who have latex or rubber allergies.