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Maple syrup, refillon tap, organic

£2.55 per 100ml
Organic maple syrup sourced from Canada, Grade A Dark Robust Single Origin (No blend)



Great harvest: mid season harvested for a perfect balance of flavour and texture

Direct from the maple grove in Quebec


Escuminac, sourced via The fine food forager.

This centuries-old sugarwood, located less than 5 km from the sea, is swept by the salty air of the Atlantic Ocean, which brings a subtle saltiness to the syrups. (Gaspesie Bay)
At the start of the season, the syrup is generally clear and the taste is slightly sweet. As the season progresses, it becomes darker and more caramelised.
Martin Malenfant is a third-generation maple syrup producer. He possesses a unique expertise, boasting more than 35 years of experience in maple syrup production.

Great Taste Awards Winner.
Judges Comments ‘Tastes like a warm hug. Comforting, sweet, caramel tones.’ Taking this syrup down to this type of reduction gives the maple a new dimension of caramel sweetness that would please everyone who tries it.


How To Dispose Of It

No packaging. Refill and enjoy!


100% organic maple syrup