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Loofco washing up scraper

LoofCo Washing-Up Scrapers are hand-made in Sri Lanka from coconut husk. They use coconut fibres and husks that are left over from coconut food and oil production which would otherwise be wasted or burnt. - This ingenious, traditional use for the outer husk of a coconut is a 100% biodegradable.The scraper has a blade-like edge at the front and a fibrous surface underneath that acts like a miniature scrubbing brush. It can be used on all surfaces, including non-stick. Coconut husk contains compounds which resist bacterial and fungal growth. - It is ideal for removing baked-on food from pans and baking trays without scratching. Certified vegan collection methods, no monkeys are used in the collection of coconuts for Loofco products.

Why We Stock It

Nat brands are passionate about their ecological impact on the planet and have created a range of household products to help consumers reduce their negative impact. Working with people abroad, the company are sincere about fair working condtions, no child or animal labour and avoiding pesticides. Everything is packed in minimal packaging without plastic.


Made in Sri Lanka for Nat brands, Tunbridge Wells, Kent


Nat brands

How To Use It

Soak baked-on food in warm water and washing-up liquid. Use the Scraper to lift off food residue. After use rinse and hang up to dry from string loop. When the bristle-like edge of the Washing-Up Scraper starts to fray, trim with scissors back to a solid edge for months more use.

How To Dispose Of It


Sticker: Made from cellulose, will compost

Cardboard is recyclable.

Sraper and string can be composted and will degrade naturally


Coconut husk.

Labels: FSC responsibly sourced card/ plant-based inks/ compostable cellulose stickers.