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Ground ginger (organic)

38p per 10g
Ginger, Zingiber officinale, is a flowering herbaceous perennial in the Zingiberaceae family whose rhizome, Ginger root, is used extensively as both a spice and a herbal medicine. Growing around 1m tall, Zingiber officinale has pale yellow flowers with purple edges that arise directly from the rhizome on separate shoots.

Why We Stock It

Quite simply, we trust them. They know their plants well and have an expert of knowledge. Anything we want to know about, there is always someone willing on the other side of the phone (Or email) who will talk to us about whats happening at the farm and every detail (even the quality of the soil) so can be assured about their transparency.



Organic herb trading source their Indian Ginger from the Kerala and Karnataka regions where growing conditions are ideal. They work closely with their Ginger farmers and suppliers in India – who are pioneers of certified organic and fair agriculture – to review growing and processing methods to achieve the best-quality crop.



Organic herb trading.

They  have been trading since 1982 and supply companies such as pukka tea, yeo yalley and Neals yard and have a great reputation for the quality and sourcing of their herbs and other plant matter. They also have their own biodynamic farm based in Somerset where they grow some of their own native plants and hold full organic certification.

Health Benefits

Ginger can work as an anti-inflammatory and improve digestion


Ground ginger, warm air dired