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Gluten free rice and corn penne pasta, organic

£3 per 500g
Dried slowly and at low temperatures this pasta is obtained from naturally gluten-free flours and it's suitable for celiac people. Corn and rice flour does not contain ingredients of animal origin, it is so ideal for a vegan nutrition. -Certifed organic - Certified veganfied - Certified kosher




Pasta Natura, a gluten free compnay

Health Benefits

Pasta with corn and rice flour is particularly suitable for people following a diet low in sodium. The percentage of carbohydrates and fats is low: PASTA NATURA nourishes and is good for health at same time. The protein intake amount reaches good part of the reference daily intake. If you practice sport you know how important the proteins’ intake is. Rice flour gives lightness, while corn grants the right nutritional intake. These flours are mixed perfectly together and create a pasta with a uniform colour, easily digestible and adaptable to every type of sauce.


Energy                          1427 kJ 336 kcal / 17% RDA
Fat                                 1.3 g / 2% RDA
of which saturates     0.5 g / 3% RDA
Carbohydrate              73 g / 28% RDA
of which sugars          0.5 g / 1% RDA
Fibers                           1.6 g
Protein                         7.9 g / 16% RDA
Salt                                0.01 g / 0% RDA