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Dog poo waste bags

Dog poo bags x 60 per box. Certified to EN-13432 and carry the European standard Seedling logo. Leak proof

Why We Stock It

Zero waste club are extremely transparent and always work on one product at a time, attempting to make it the best it can be. Their customer service comes with a genuine care to help out. ZWC are one the the few companies who go the extra mile to be transparent about the making of their products.


Zero Waste Club. Pawan & Rishir started up zero waste club back on the search of providing sustainable and ethically made products at affordable prices. We have been with them since they started up and have enjoyed working with them as they continuously worked on improving their products. With every product, they tell a story so we know where and how the products are made, giving us an insight to the people behind the manufacturing process. They are a small team of three based in London.

How To Use It

You know what to do dog people!

How To Dispose Of It

Suitable for home composting (Along with the poo). Approved for food waste composting collection bins.


100% biodegradable cornstarch