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Deep blue straws

£1.60 per straw
Stainless steel and bamboo reusable straws

Why We Stock It

We don’t have to deal with delivery costs as Tom is local and we love keeping business local.

We’re yet to find items like straws made anywhere else except China.


Hand delivered in Crystal palace, made in Hong Kong


Deep Blue Straws are brothers Tom and Jonny who wanted to “turn the tide on plastic pollution currently decimating the world’s oceans”. Originally from Bath these brothers have made it their mission to eliminate the use of plastic straws by creating a great range of stainless steel and bamboo alternatives. Tom now lives in Crystal palace which means delivering these straws to us is super low energy.

How To Use It

Use as you would use a straw.

Some may like to blow darts at people, but we don’t encourage that

How To Dispose Of It

  • Stainless steel is infinitely recycled, but with proper care will last a life time
  • Bamboo will eventually give up and loose its life, it can be composted and/or returned to nature where it will decompose without hurting the enivornment around it


Stainless steel, bamboo