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Cloves, whole (organic)

61p per 10g
Part of the Myrtaceae (myrtle) family – which also includes Allspice, Eucalyptus and Guava. Clove has traditionally been used in oil form to provide relief from dental pain and for the treatment of burns and wounds.

Why We Stock It

We trust our supplier.  They know their plants well and have an expert of knowledge. Anything we want to know, there is always someone on the other side of the phone (Or email) who will talk to us about what’s happening at the farm and every detail (even the quality of the soil).


Sourced from a long-standing supplier in Madagascar, with who OHT also work to source Cinnamon. Their supplier works with farmer co-operatives, employing a team of 250.


Organic herb trading.

They  have been trading since 1982 and supply companies such as Pukka tea, Yeo yalley and Neals yard and have a great reputation for the quality and sourcing of their herbs and other plant matter. They also have their own biodynamic farm based in Somerset where they grow some of their own native plants and hold full organic certification.

How To Use It

Beyond its medicinal applications, Clove buds are used widely in African, Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.

Clove also appears in many spice mixes used for baking, and is often found in hot drinks.

In South and Central America, Cloves are used alongside Cumin and Cinnamon to flavour a range of dishes, including milk puddings, and are popular in Mexican cuisine.

Health Benefits

  • Use for relief in dental pains
  • Spice used for masala chai


Cloves, warm air dried