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Caserecce white pasta, Organic

£6.40 per kg
Short, twisted tubes open along its length. It has brilliant grooves for holding sauce and it keeps its shape and consistency perfectly when cooked.

Why We Stock It

Its great pasta and supports a local trader, who is orginally from Sardinia.




Capo Caccia Fine Food



Our artisan pasta is semolina pasta made with stone ground durum wheat grown in Sardinia and Italy. Our producers purpose is to make pasta using the best material with old techniques. After milling, the semolina flour is kneaded with cold water and drawn through bronze dies. This gives the pasta a deep porosity that allows it to absorb sauces and maintain its integrity without breaking. The drying process takes about 36 hours at low temperature. This obviously requires a longer making process but it guarantees a final product of premium quality.