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Carleys Organic Large Raw Whole Almond Butter, 425g

Raw cooled milled almonds with nothing added.

Why We Stock It

Its raw. Nothing added, made in England and organic.




Carlyes started in Truro, Cornwall in 1974.

See here for their story

How To Use It

For cooking, spreading on toast, baking and eating straight out the jar 🙂

How To Dispose Of It

Glass jar can be reused or recycled.


Nutritional Info: /100g

Energy:       640kcal  2678kJ

Fats:                51g

saturates:   3.7g

Carbohydrates:     20g

sugars:  4.8g

Fibre: 11.8g

Protein:        21g

Salt:                 0.0025g

Calcium:   0.248mg  30% Reference Intake