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Cacao Pow

£9.99/55g - £14.99/95g
An all natural deodrant bar without any added fragrances or essential oils . Vegan, cruelty free, aluminium free, organic

Why We Stock It

Tonya and Aiden are passionate about nature and have the a zero waste ethos. We love products that are simple and understand the dangers of heavy metals in products and choose to stay away from them. They are happy for us to return jars so that they can be reused offering us a discount for every jar we return, which we then pass onto you. Adien hand deliveres to the shop from north London when we order, which reduces transport carbon emissions.


Made in North London, delivered
by hand.


Aiden and Tonya from North London – Read Tonya’s story here

How To Dispose Of It

Reuse the glass jar or return to us for a 70p discount on your next purchase


Theobroma Cacao* (Cacao Butter) sourced from a Peruvian farming cooperative with organic food certification, Bicarbonate of Soda, Zinc Oxide