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Bottle brush

Zero Waste natural bottle cleaning brush is the perfect FULLY environmentally friendly bottle and jar cleaning brush. Made from waste materials that are by-products from different industries such as the coconut harvesting. Perfect to clean bottles and jars where your hand is too big to fit. Ideally for bottles but can be used on many other items to

Why We Stock It

Workplace Transparency:

This brush was made at a factory in the Zhejiang Province. The minimum wage of this province is CNY 2100/month, which is around £246, but the artisans are paid above minimum wage at CNY 2700/month.

The factory follows the listed health and safety procedures:

  • The manufacturers purchase accident insurance to provide insurance guarantees for each employee.

  • The company has rules and regulations in place that require each employee to wear dust masks to ensure optimum health when working in dusty conditions.

  • The workshop director intermittently patrols to remind artisans of safety.


London based. Shipped via sea freight from China, offset by a tree planted for item sold.


Zero Waste Club. Pawan & Rishir started up zero waste club back on the search of providing sustainable and ethically made products at affordable prices. We have been with them since they started up and have enjoyed working with them as they continuously worked on improving their products. With every product, they tell a story so we know where and how the products are made, giving us an insight to the people behind the manufacturing process. They are a small team of three based in London.

How To Dispose Of It

After using the bottle cleaner to clean bottles or jars, rinse the bristles to dislodge any food or grub stuck. Then dry the bristles with a towel and hang to dry, ready for it’s next use.

We do not recommend putting in the dish washer to clean the bottle brush as it may damage the bottle brush.


Disposable: Brush and handle with natually bidegrade in the right conditions. The steel rod needs to be recycled.


Materials: Made from natural plant based sisal bristles, FSC beech wood and stainless steel.

Packaging: A recycled unbleached Kraft tag. Printed with soy ink, which is recyclable.

Size: approx 33cm length