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Acala tooth floss

£5.20 - £7.20
Acala’s natural dental floss is made with sustainably grown cornstarch, candelilla wax and peppermint essential oil. The container is glass and the metal dispensing lid easily allows you to cut the floss. Both the container and refill pack come in biodegradable and compostable kraft paper box. Veagn and cruelty free.

Why We Stock It

  • We love how proactive Acala are as a company.
  • They have a code of conduct which they insist all their suppliers sign which includes being able to trace their supply chains.
  • They host monthly events in London, intended to help people tune into nature, discuss important topics and have fun.
  • We also love that they have a sustainable business plan.
  • They have a zero to landfill glass bottle return scheme.


London based, delivered to us by post


Founded by Hanna Pumfrey, and ex city worker,  Acala are working towards becoming carbon positive and completely zero waste. They currently donate 5% of their profits to Friends of the Earth although are aiming for 10%.


Floss: Sustainably grown cornstarch, candelilla wax and peppermint essential oil

Packaging: Cardboard, glass, aluminium