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74% dark chocolate buttons, organic & fair trade

£3.50 per 100g
Organic, fairtrade and vegan chocolate buttons. Perfect for snacking or making up your own recipes.

Why We Stock It

We’re all about companies who understand the importance of fair trae and organic produce, and we love that these buttons don’t contain any diary either. We’re blessed that one of our suppliers, SESI reached out and did the hard work of getting these chocolate buttons on a closed loop system. No packaging needed. Winner!


Cacao mass: The Dominican Republic.

Produiced in Germany


Chocolate and love.. more info coming soon

How To Use It

Created for dipping, baking, desserts, decorations, and all things chocolate making. And of course you can use them for making hot chocoalte and snacking on.

How To Dispose Of It

Well if you eat it all, there will be none left.

We get our chocolate buttons on a closed loop system. It arrives to us in plactic buckets, which when when are collected by the supplier, washed out and refilled so no packaging gets wasted.

Health Benefits

Nutrional info (per 100g

Energy: 564cal

Fat              43.1g

Of which saturates 27.3g

Carbohydrates         30.1g

of which sugars        25.8g

Fibre                     14g

Protein                 8g

Salt                0.01g


Cocoa mass* raw cane sugar* cocoa butter* cocoa powder* vanillia powder*

*Certified organic. Cocoa mass: 74% minimum


May contain traces of milk, almonds, hazelnuts and soya.