Cut down your energy usage (and bills) with some simple changes

We all know fuel prices have gone up and we’re facing times of increasing house bills. It wouldn’t be right for us as a shop who believes in reducing waste not to offer up some tips on how to reduce your energy usage. Little things can do the planet a big help, while also keeping some money in your pocket. Don’t expect to see things on the list like “Take shorter showers” because we know how unrealistic this is and how unlikely anyone can keep this up daily (though we know there are some dedicated greenies out there and we salute you), but most of us need to find easy and simple things we can do that we know we can stick to. I’m also not going to tell you to un plug your charger at night because its been said so many times before.

My dad always told me that anything that produces or creates heat is what uses up the most energy – so this is something to keep in mind when you’re thinking about saving money and how much energy you use.

Below are some things you can do to reduce your energy use

  • start with the big one – They won’t tell you about this, but energy companies often have more than one tariff. It can feel like a long process but it’ll only take one phone call– find out what tariffs they offer. Some tariffs charge more per kw of electricity in the middle of the day and less in the evenings, and some charge more in the mornings and evenings. Work out when you actually use the most electricity and choose a tarrif that works out the cheapest for you.
  • When boiling water in the kettle, boil only what you need. If you drinks loads of tea, make it in a thermos to use later on.
  • Pre soak rice and pasta before cooking – Instead of 10 minutes on the hob for pasta, you’ll only need two if you soak them before hand.
  • When running a bath, run the hot water first, and then add cold water later. Mixing the water only uses up more energy.
  • Switch off all plugs in the house that you aren’t using. A phone charger in the socket still uses electricity.
  • Consider investing in a pressure cooker if you cook and eat a lot of beans. Pressure cookers signficantly reduce cooking time. Less heat -> less energy, less money remember.
  • Consider switching off your wifi at night. Your brain will thank you for it. And for you insomniacs, it’s a marker point that says ‘I’m definately going to bed now’.
  • Use one device at a time. Why on earth you’re scrolling your phone and watching telly at the time time I don’t know, but its got to stop.
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth – how many times has this one been said, but still true.
  • Use candles when the sun goes down. This is one of my favourites. Not only are you saving energy, but candle light helps the body relax and prepare for rest by producing melotonin in the brain, allowing you to get a peaceful nights sleep.
  • Buy energy efficient light bulbs. So underated, but has an impact.

  • Use candles (or lamps) when it gets dark! This is my absolute favourite. Candle light is calming on your eyes and can help you get a better nights sleep as red lighting (instead of blue in the light bulbs) stimulates the brain to produce melotonin and prepare you for rest.