Uses for Chamomille hydrosol

What is a Hydrosol?

Hydrosols or floral water is what is left over after the water or steam distiliation of essential oils. Under heat, the distilled water turns to steam and extracts the essesntial oils of the plant and eventually condenses back into water, but having moved through the plant matter, the water captures other compound and molecules which are water soluable and leaves the oils floating on top of the water. The essential oils of the plant are seperated from the water and both the ‘floral water’ and essential oils can be used. Because hydrosols are essentially water, they can be diluted with water when making your own cosmetics and remedies and are utimately gentler on the skin than essential oils.

I find it useful to have a bottle in the house in case I ever need it. It can come in handy for so many different uses.

Here are a variety of medicinal uses of Chaomille hydrosol.


You can use cotton balls or resusable wipes for application

  • Calm skin rashes and itchiness – it’s safe for baby’s bottom
  • Sore gums and teething pain
  • Use as a facial toner, but not too often as it can become drying.
  • Apply to varicose veins or hemorrhoids
  • Reusable baby/face wipes – lay 10 reusable wipes in watertight container and pour enough hydrosol to lightly soak all the wipes and then use them as needed.


  • Add 5ml (or one teaspoon) to a drink of warm water to calm diarrhea or to help aid a restful sleep
  • Ingest 5ml (or one teaspoon) for urinary tract infections or to sooth intestinal spasms
  • Thrush and candida — drink 5ml (or one tea spoon) of the hydrolat for thrush or candida or add 5ml to a sitz bath.

Used in a spray bottle

  • Spritz over anxious dogs during thunderstorm to help calm them
  • Spray on bedsheets to help relax and encourage sleep
  • Spray on sunburn to sooth and cool the skin